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Carola Alos Mateu

Is one of the newest and most talented members of the Incognito family. Carola was born and raised in n Spain, she has been passionate about Latin music and dance all her life. 
Started dance ballet at the age of six.  Trained 4 years of Funky Boogaloo, 2 years of flamenco and 3 years of Salsa and bachata. 
Originally trained Salsa in Spain by Luis Chavez & Alba and Bachata by Ivan Orient & Maria. Carola taught Bachata & Salsa in Spain before travelling to London for training with Incognito Dance. She has since performed Scottish Salsa Congress with many of the modern day World Champions of Salsa & Bachata. 
Dancing and performing have always been her passion, with an incredible background in dance Carola is a great teacher and huge positive influence with everyone around her. She is a charismatic dancer and performer, full of enthusiasm with an eye for detail and a strong presence on stage.

Catch Carola teaching at Wimbledon Salsa/Bachata Club,  Putney Salsa / Bachata Club, Hammersmith Salsa/Bachata Club, and Fulham Salsa /Bachata Club


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