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12 Week Salsa Performance Course Ladies Only

Incognito LADIES Salsa Performance Team

Course Dates: 5th February – 23rd April 2017

Choreographer: Ninela Ivanova

Sunday afternoon sessions at Dance Attic, 368 North End Road, Fulham SW6 1LY.    

Course details

Incognito Dance are putting together a LADIES ONLY Student Performance Team.  This 12-week performance course is a unique opportunity for Intermediate / Advanced Ladies to take their Salsa dancing to the next level.  By working on specific techniques, body movement, styling and musicality, the aim is to improve your ability, grace, confidence and presence as a female dancer. 

The ladies are selected from an audition process.  We are only looking for 14 Intermediate / Advanced Ladies to join this group, so please apply early to avoid disappointment.  Auditions are held during December 2016 and January 2017.

The course is intensive, and requires dedication and hard work.  However, it is very rewarding and we have always seen our ladies grow through this process.  You will get 12 x 2 hour sessions that will prepare you for a variety of shows across London’s established salsa clubs.  Each lady will perform an average of 6-10 shows.  Personal attention, guidance and support will be provided over the entire experience.

Choreographed by Ninela Ivanova

The course is choreographed by Ninela, a well-known and loved teacher at Incognito Dance Company.  Ninela is a versatile dancer, with over 20 years of experience in various dance forms, teaching and performing across Europe.  Her unique styling combines salsa with contemporary dance techniques, personal flavour, character and playfulness. 

As a teacher, Ninela is warm and accessible.  She loves working with people, always inspiring and encouraging her students to develop their personal expression through dance and musicality.  Her workshops and courses are built on clear intent and structure, and delivered in a fun and engaging way.

As a choreographer, Ninela taps into her designer mindset, always bringing vision, creativity and a holistic approach to her routines.  We are all looking forward to see what she has prepared for this course!

If you’d like to audition and perform please email:

For a taster of Ninela, catch her forthcoming 3-hour Ladies Styling Foundations Workshop on Sat 3rd December at Putney Salsa Club, 2-5 pm.

Call 07831 715 368 or email