Ninela Ivanova

Ninela Ivanova

Ninela has been dancing for the most part of her life. She started with ballet, jazz and contemporary at the age of 6, and has been training in Latin social dances such as salsa, bachata, mambo, pachanga, cha cha and boogaloo for the last 12 years. 

Ninela joined the Incognito Team in May 2013 as an in-house teacher and performer, both in leader and follower roles. Since then, Ninela has choreographed and run 4 performance courses and regular masterclasses in salsa, mambo, cha cha, bachata, ladies styling and musicality, as well as organising Incognito teams to perform at the Scottish Salsa Congress and the amazing Bulgarian Salsa & Bachata Congress for the past 3 years.

With the experience of different dance styles and a warm personality, Ninela believes in encouraging others to develop expression, creativity and quality in all aspects of their dancing.  A stickler for solid foundations and good structure in building new skills and knowledge, Ninela pursues quality in all areas of teaching, learning and performance. A dynamic dancer with loads of energy and personality, Ninela can lead and follow in many styles of dance, which makes her an inspiring teacher for students at all levels.

Ninela teaches Salsa & Bachata at all levels from beginners to advanced regularly for Incognito Dance Company at all their clubs in and around London, as well as ladies styling, shines and musicality.

Incognito Dance Company  also teach Online Incognito.Dance  as well as regularly at Wimbledon Salsa & Bachata Club,  Putney Salsa & Bachata Club, Hammersmith Salsa & Bachata Club, Earl’s Court Salsa & Bachata Club



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