FAQ’S for 3 hour Beginners/Improvers Course



I have never danced before, is it worth me doing this course.

Yes definitely.  This is tailor made for people with ZERO experience, up to 12 months dance experience. Our highly trained and qualified instructors will guide you all the way to make sure you enjoy the experience and learn loads in just 3 hours.

Why go on a 3 hour course?..

Reasons for the 3 hour intensive, as opposed to a longer weekly course are : Want to give you learning a massive boost. Sharpen your skills, gain more confidence with your dancing.

Want to kickstart your dancing. Catching up a friend who can already dance salsa. Certain to drop out of regular classes before getting to ‘club Standard’ Get fit / change of life style. Great way to meet new like minded people and make new friends.

Going on holiday to a salsa region.

Getting married (first dance)


What sort of people attend?…

There is no particular age or type of person that salsa or our course appeals to. If you have never danced at all, or been dancing less than 6 months, this is perfect for you.


I have 2 left feet, can I really learn in a 3 hour?…

Yes definitely – You will have all the skills necessary to go out to a salsa club that night and dance, with sufficient repertoire & style to feel confident on the dance floor. You will also have the concepts to succeed in any UK salsa class at above beginners level. Finally, you will have that ‘look’ of a Salsero’s (feeling at home on the dance floor).


What is the course structure?

In the 2 levels you will learn:

  • Timing and Musicality, Footwork – knowledge of basic step patterns
  • Partnership – lead and following, partner empathy, social dance etiquette
  • Dance vocabulary – the terminology of dance moves, Understanding – the experience of salsa and Latin dance
  • Fundamental core techniques, basic female and male styling, and Salsa dance secrets, hot tips, insider info…. get all the trade tips from the professionals


Will I be fit enough?…

The 3 Hour intensive is carefully structured so that anyone of average fitness can enjoy the day.

We ask that if you have any condition that may affect your performance, you seek professional advice before booking. You may be a little stiff the following day so please stretch before you go to bed.


Am I a beginner?… Or Improver?

If you have never had a salsa class before, or you have tried a couple of salsa classes you are a beginner. No expertise in another dance qualifies you for salsa although you can expect to find aspects of the course easier. An excellent natural definition of a salsa beginner is that you cannot keep the footwork sequence going consistently.

Improvers generally have been dancing more than 4 months (i.e. more than 16 lessons, and 8 hours of social dancing). We understand that everyone learns differently so this is just a guide. We can offer a short free 5 minute assessment if you are unsure of your level.


Do I need a partner?…

You do not need to book with a partner as our booking system balances the number of men and women booked onto the course. Couples will be required to mix and change partners throughout the day. This is a great fun way to learn quickly.


What do I wear?…

Although people usually dress to impress in the salsa clubs, at our classes, comfortable clothing are your priority. Footwear is important. We recommend smooth-soled shoes or trainers. Ladies should wear shoes of the same height as they are used to. Above all wear shoes that are comfortable, not brand-new ones. Clothing: Comfortable casual clothes, a spare top or t-shirt, and a towel is recommended. Refreshments: Water and biscuits will be available. Bring a sandwich or two if you want.

Where can I park?

PARKING:  On Saturdays roads close to the club have a limit of 2 hours for metered bays.  


How do I sign up and pay?

Bookings are usually taken in advance:

You can pay by Clicking Here on BUY NOW link and making a very quick secure online transaction. Alternatively by cheque or cash at our venue, simply come to any of our venues and sign up for the course. See the Course Page for more details for details.

Call 07831 715 368 or email info@incognitodance.com