Colleen daniels salsa bachata

Colleen Daniels


Colleen is a well recognised and celebrated Berkshire/ London based Salsa professional who teaches and performs worldwide. She possesses a truly unique blend of style, flavour, technique and sheer charisma on both the dance floor and on stage. She is known as much for her totally infectious personality as she is for her outstanding abilities as a dancer, instructor, choreographer and performer.

Specialising in ladies’ styling and body movement, Colleen teaches regularly at Salsa events in the UK and abroad. Her students love her clear teaching methods, and the personal attention she gives all her students. Colleen is well-known in the Salsa community as one of the UK’s leading female performers; her shows are highly acclaimed across Europe and further afield. She co-directs and performs as part of SHeANGO.  

Colleen is very excited to be a part of the Incognito team and share her passion, enthusiasm, vast experience and knowledge with students. You need only watch Colleen in action to see her unbridled enthusiasm and passion for dance. Her boundless energy and effortless grace and style are an inspiration to those around her.

Incognito Dance Company  regularly at Wimbledon Salsa  & Bachata Club,  Putney Salsa &  Bachata Club, Hammersmith Salsa & Bachata Club,  Fulham Salsa & Bachata Club



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